Friday, March 15, 2013

It's me again

So I have been buried under course work, catalogs, and newspapers. I am trying to get use to the idea that every waking minute is jammed with something. I haven't writtten in months, ughhh....I love writing I will try to do that this weekend.

It's almost spring and you can tell. All the animals and including the humans are havin babies. I think there have been five or six kids born in the last two months. It's crazy out there. it's like enough to start a daycare lol.

I haven't been getting alot of sleep and can't call out of work due to no more sick time. So what do I did, I sign up for overtime on Saturday one of my days off for six solid hours. Should be fun, but at least then I et to catch up on work related activities.

So I technically have been blogging...I have to keep a blog for my Lit class so ...I'm counting tha.

Well that's all for now, off to learn more about SAP.

Until then.