Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Late Nights

This blogs is focused primarily on my obsession with Showtimes hit show Californication. I love this show and cannot get enough of hank moody!!! I guess this stems from my desire to be a writer and the fact that I love women just as much as he does. I get everything but the drugs and alcohol that are portrayed in the series. I don’t do drugs and I rarely do alcohol. I guess I can officially say I LOVE my life whereas Hank Moody hates his.

The show points out the main idea that writers need to be inspired to produce anything meaningful. This shit doesn’t happen on its own. For me I’m inspired everyday. Like yesterday a young girl and boy came to my door selling books on religion. I for one was inspired to write a story after they left, but did I, no unfortunately I skipped the opportunity.

I love the sexiness, rawness, and realness of the show of a guy whose making money doing nothing. Love it!

Another aspect about the show that I really like is how frugal Hank is. He know what he likes and intends on keeping it. Like his beat up convertible, I think one of the rear view mirrors falls off but he still keeps driving it. His apartment. He just has a place that’s somewhat decorated (I’m sure not by him). But he doesn’t over do it. He doesn’t care about material things, unless it’s his car. It’s just nice to see someone not focused on being rich and rubbing it in other peoples faces.
I need to be more frugal.

Okay here’s the fun part, now onto my writing! I know your all excited. I am doing yet another rewrite on my novel Jaded Proposal, how cool is that. Okay I know I just put the first letter down, but that’s to protect myself in case the book is a New York Times best seller. Yeah…uh…not in this lifetime, but I still hold onto my dream!! Not everything is about vampires. Sheesh!

I am taking a break from the elements and focusing on my writing. I like to be in your face and real in my stories. What does that mean? It means I like to air the dirty laundry of society through my writing. I guess I should have been a journalist, I like fiction better. I like to believe that creepy shit in my writing doesn’t really happen even though I know it does.

So my gf nephew is staying with us and today I plan on sticking it to him like a bug on a drop of honey. Get a  job or get tout!! It’s that simple!

Okay enough ranting for now. I’ll see you folks tomorrow!!!

Pic of the day!!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

PItch Perfect Review....and other

Time to dive into the world of music, movies, and celebrities.

Okay not that deep, just a few reviews on a few films I have seen.
Pitch Perfect

Let me just start by saying REBEL rocks. She made this move. Although it was nice to hear the musical talents of the lovely Anna Kendrick. I honestly didn’t know she could sing. Then I went to my favorite site, IMBD.com and found out that she was in that 1990’s  show CAMP. After I found that out I had to watch that movie again. HILARIOUS!

Flash forward to TWILIGHT, and she was one of Bella’s friends, but honestly I don’t think she fit the part. None of the characters did. Now they did grow into their characters, being that they had what five years to do so and what four movies.

Okay I’m getting off topic. Pitch Perfect was much more interesting then GLEE, but that’s opinion. I enjoy Glee and love that actors are singing more and more. Look at all the A listers in the move Les Miserables, which I still haven’t found someone to go see it with me.

But movies are becoming more like theatre, so it’s like it’s going back to where it was when the movies were first introduced. Hey I wouldn’t mind a new Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire, but let’s face it. Guys these days can’t cut it. Unless Michael Buble’ started acting along with John Mayer. But we don’t want to do that. Look at JT who crossed the barrier into the acting scene and I’m sorry to say, he tanked. I haven’t seen one movie I like that he’s in. Maybe I’m just biased, yeah that’s probably it.

So back to Pitch Perfect, I enjoyed the story a lot and I like the ad lib by REBEL, just saying. Oh I love the music mixes that are thrown together. They really work. Great Job Producers/directors/ most importantly the Writers.

Music. Let’s talk about the new stuff out these days. I’m loving Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, Pink, and Kelly Clarkson. They are conquering the charts right now, but I kinda feel bad for Mr. Mars. He’s getting crapped on at the awards. He had better win a Grammy this year!! I’m rooting for you.
So that’s all for now.

Zumba Fanatic

Good Morning

This marks week three of blogging. I have to blog the next three days in order to meet this quota. It can and will be done.  I swears it!! Okay trivia question what famous creature says those exact words. Okay I’m a geek.

Moving on, I have worked out two days in a row, woot. My secret you ask? Zumba, I like to pretend I can dance and it sure beats running on the treadmill. I recently purchased the new Zumba DVD set, but I have only done one video since I bought it. But in my defense I have only had it four days. If everything goes the way I want it to then I will be doing a mixture of classes and dvd’s. Along with weight training (blarg) and building my endurance.

On the writing front, I plan on finishing my work on the final chapters of Jaded Proposal then diving into a good book or two. I’m excited, yippee!!

On the school front, I have all my ducks in a row (I hope) to start on March 4th. I’m super excited about this as well and have been looking at the course catalog for upcoming classes.  It’s been like six years since I was in school and I have missed it ever since.

We get our desktop back this weekend and my significant other will no doubt be playing WOW for an obscene amount of time. Heaven help us all.

Till then folks’

Sunday, January 20, 2013


So this post is mostly about what I have accomplished thus far in my thirty one years on this planet. I haven't done a list like this since I was like hmmm...twelve or so. So here it goes.

I graduated 2nd in my class from high school
I graduated with 2 bachelors degrees from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
I have been employed at the same job for almost 5 years (Feb 28th)
I have been in a platonic relationship with the love of my life for almost 7 years (July) and not a day goes by that she doesn't amaze me.
I have two cats and two dogs with I love dearly and have for the last four years
I have lived in the same spot now for almost two years, which is a big feat for me. Because I was moving once a year for at least three years in a row, it sucked a lot.
I have written at least three novels in a trilogy, The Jaded Series
I bought a new car, Kia Rio, works and drive fantastically
And last but not least I have a gym membership which I hear almost used once a week for the last three months. Now everyone knows that these gyms make a tone of money from the majority of the population, because most of use are gung ho for about a week or two and then come up with every excuse in the book to convince ourselves that we don't need to go.

so now for the future. Do you ever wonder why people ask the age old question....Where do you see yourself in ten years? I think it's because they want you to think about your future goals. So here it goes...short term goals for now are....

Finish my Undergraduate degree in English Fiction Creative Writing
Work on a new novel about Fae....or....elementals...or anything supernatural....
Maintain a clean house (now this is a tricky one...I fell like I am always cleaning...I think I need a Brownie**
Loose Weight (This is on everyone's list)
Finish editing Book one of the Jaded series (I set a goal of six months, needs to be done by June)
And last but not least set up a workable budget...yeah right...some things are just not plausible.

Long Term Goals

Teach at the community college down the street from my house
Get over my fear of driving
Get into Grad school
Self Publish my novel via Kindle
Live Happily Ever After.

Oh and the most important thing of all indulge myself in a good book.

Till next time folks!!

Song of the Day:  Try, Pink

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Saturday, January 19, 2013


News flash i am the worst person to ask about budgets!

Till then!!!


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lost Girl

Ever wonder how a story starts? Well first you get an idea. For example, I started watching this show called "Lost Girl" and thought of a great story idea.

Then what happens? Well I went to bed that night and had an awesome dream about the story, which woke me up and I jotted down on my iphone. The following morning when I was at work I found a blank notebook and started writing. There were three pages front and back in purple ink I might add. When I was finished with that I read what I wrote and realized that I didn't know squat about the area I was trying to write. So then I headed to the lovely internet for information. However it didn't  have as much as I would have liked about the subject. So that leaves books.

I have one in mind, but I have to find it. So there it is folks how a story begins. Don't worry I will write two more post this week even it it's just a picture. I am determined to keep this around. For good!!

Til then,

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Good Morning!!!

So last night I had the pleasure of delivering papers. Now some back-story. When I was 12 my three sisters and I thought it would be great to earn some extra money and deliver papers. At that time we  it was either walk or ride my bike. So we had one of those bags you know the old fashioned newspaper bags with the orange reflector panels on it.  I remember waking up at the but crack of dawn and rolling the papers and then hopping on my bike and delivering them. it seems to last forever.

Now thanks to being older, yes I"m in my thirties I now have a car. so last night I helped my girlfriend deliver over 189  newspapers to our neighborhood. We followed this make shift map of locations. it was quite irritating to me that most people didn't have any house numbers. It's strange because when I was younger there were house numbers all over the place. i think people take for granted that everyone should know their addresses.

So ....that's all for today, I have accomplished my goal of publishing three times. woot so I guess I will keep this thing after all. Or lets not get ahead of myself, I'll shoot for three times next week.

Till then.

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Round Two!!!

Good afternoon!

So I have decided I am better at blogging with my cell phone. I mean think about it, your phone is with you almost all the time.. Well its that way for me. So I have my last few chapters of my novel edited. Now its time to go through and overhaul it. I have given myself at least six months to complete.

I thinks thats more then enough time to finish it, that is if I put myself on a writing schedule. Which I have tried to do, but I always find a way to botch it up. But we will see.
That's all for today, I'm planning on relaxing and going to Zumba today!
Till then,

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Lets try this again!!

Good Morning All!!!

Yes its another attempt at keeping a blog. If I can post on this thing at least three times this week, I will then start promoting it. that's not going to be hard right. Wrong. So for the past three years I have tried to write and keep on posting to a blog, but something always gets in the way. Whether it be that when I want to blog I can't because I'm at work and my fantastic work internet blocks blogspot. Or I get bored. so I am going to try and NOT get bored and start writing about whatever comes to me. Whether that be what happened at work or how I feel about a book, movie, or even political rant. 

In the past I have tried to keep myself in a box, per other bloggers advice, but I can't do that. Sometimes I get pissed and want to rant where the whole world can see. Now I might change my mind and post a regret blog, but don't count on it. 

I've lived most of my life not saying what I want to say, but that's going to change this year. I am going to grow a pair. LOL or so my friend Debra suggests I need to do. So I am going to take her advice. 

 Okay so now you know how this thing will work or so I hope. 

 Till then ...

Song of the Day: "I knew you where trouble..." by the lovely Taylor Swift

Pic of the day!

 What do you see?